12/29/13 – St. Aloyisius – New Canaan, CT



I went to St. Aloyisius alone today….Ironically, it was the Celebration of the Holy Family….husbands love your wives, wives, be submissive to your husbands, kids, obey your children….that one.

 The Deacon did an amazing homily comparing Mary and Joseph to the modern day family….love, forgiveness, compassion, protection, gentleness   – are all still needed in today’s families….he talked about Mary having to come to terms with the journey she’d have to take from the manger (one wooden thing) to the cross (another wooden thing)…..and the journey o f love and forgiveness we are all on with our children.

 He linked it to the Day of Holy Innocents and the parents of Newtown – where their parental responsibilities would be models of hope and love to all of us. Beautifully said….far better than I can convey.

 The 2nd reading Collossians  (sp?) – chapter 3 ended with verse 21. “Fathers  – do not nag your children, lest they lose heart.”  Funny, only because Vinnie and I were having a great conversation about Kevin and his music career……and Melissa’s art career…..I told him I was tired of being the nag….maybe he could kick it up a bit to light a fire under them……..then here comes the message of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, PROTECTION, GENTLENESS……..all WITHOUT NAGGING!!!  Damn……..maybe that is why my nagging hasn’t worked!!

 I saw Rose Osterndorff at Mass…..told her of my New Year’s Resolution.

I am glad I am starting this resolution off in the Christmas season – the churches were both decorated beautifully.

 Went to NECC at 10”30…..sermon was all about Genesis…..and having a trusting relationship with God….ultimately the message was………IF YOU REALLY TRUSTED YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TO TRY TO CONTROL EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE………good message for me to hear since I could have a tendency to be a bit of a control freak!!


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