Jan. 1, 2014 – Happy New Year! St. Francis of Assisi – Weston, CT

Since I sat home and worried, fell asleep on the couch after eating Chinese food with Vinnie, Lisa, and Rich, then went to bed, I woke up well rested and ready to face 2014. So, off I went to Mass by myself!

Of course it was the same readings and still the Solemnity of Mary, but Fr. Mike Dunn had a different spin. He talked about  the New Year and how everyone wishes each other a HAPPY one and ultimately each of us has a goal of a seeking a  “HAPPY” one.  He posed the question – What is happiness? And then talked about Mary being no different. She wanted happiness for herself, her husband, and her child. She wanted happiness for her extended family and community.  The desire for HAPPINESS is part of the human experience!

He proposed that happiness is found when you center your focus on God and let him do the work for you. BUT, the catch is you have to trust that God knows what happiness is for you! Ah, there is always a catch.

My thoughts about happiness is ……Happiness is a relative term. When things seem bleak and dismal, happiness can seem so far away, but when things are going great, happiness seems like it is waiting for you at every turn! I do know that I feel happiest, when things around me seem settled.

There is a book out there, that I haven’t read, but will someday….called THE HAPPINESS PROJECT!  It is supposed to be a great, quick read…….maybe I will put it out to my Book Club to read in this 2014 year!

Happy New Year to all! May you find your happiness!


4 thoughts on “Jan. 1, 2014 – Happy New Year! St. Francis of Assisi – Weston, CT

  1. I think you are on a terrific journey for 2014. God’s love will light your path as you go.

    Reading for today. Psalm 119:17-32 “I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws. So open my eyes that I may see”.


  2. Happiness is a great word but like you said when everything is going well and things are in place them happiness is right there by our side. It’s when we loose site of happiness is when it is hard to get it back. I have found through my hard times in life that God is by my side and he has given me the courage to find the joy and happiness through my children and eventually I have found the happiness within. I have to say that it is a choice to be happy and I choose to surround myself with friends that are positive.

    I love what you are doing Deb and I hope to join you soon. Hopefully on Sunday too see Sharon in Bridgeport.
    Thanks for sharing your journey and what a beautiful writer you are!


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