Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014 – NECC –Norwalk, CT

I haven’t been to NECC in a few weeks, so I decided to go for at least part of the  service. I was planning on going to noon mass in Stamford, so I had to leave early.

Anyway…the series in the church right now is “Concrete – A Life Built on the Gospel.”  It is the last week of this series, but the service opened up with a quote on the big screen. “Faith is believing in what you CAN’T see because of what you CAN see.”  It was a really nice thought to kind of reflect on for a little bit. There are so many things that happen around us that we can’t really point to or see happening, yet we know things are happening because of the other things we do see. Faith has never really been described like that to me before. Maybe in bits and pieces it has been, but this was a nice one-liner that wraps it all together for me.

During his sermon, the pastor talked about living up to the Rules of Religion vs. Following the path of Christ. He talked about having stringent rules of what it means to be religious and the fact that we might always fall short.  OR, conversely, believing the rules are for others because we are already “Good to Go” in our minds when it comes to “knowing how to be religious” and think of ourselves above the rules a bit. Whereas, when you simply put the examples of how Christ dealt with others, lived his life, interacted with people along the way, and then try to emulate those examples, you walk more closely to the path of Christ. It made a lot of sense when he said it, I might not capture it right, but the bottom line for me is how the pastor summarized it.

“If Christ came to visit, would he recognize you as one of his followers by your actions and words.”  WOW…..quite a simple standard to keep in mind actually!



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