Saturday, February 15, 2014 – St. Luke’s Episcopal (Darien, CT) and St. Luke Church -Westport, CT

At 2pm I went to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Darien for a Memorial Service for a student I had a long time ago. Mookie had just turned 30 or 31. His mom teaches in Darien – great family. It was my first time in that church and it was a beautiful church.

Then I went to 5:30 mass at St. Luke’s in Westport…..Strange that I landed there. The only time I had been there before was for a funeral mass for a Darien Mom two summers ago!! Two St. Luke’s Churches for 2 Darien people!  Just by chance? You know how I feel about “chances” and “coincidences”!

So, I need to know who put my tear ducts so close to the surface??

Tonight at St. Luke’s in Westport it was their Sweetheart Celebration Mass. They said tonight that every year, they do it on St. Valentine’s weekend. They celebrate couples who are having their 20th and beyond anniversaries, that are in multiples of 5. Although, the deacon did make a cool statement. He said, “After the 1st anniversary, each one is significant!!” I totally agree.

There were 11 couples who signed up to be recognized – between them 670 years (each couple was a double – kind of like “man hours”!) of marriage were witnessed and celebrated! There was a couple celebrating 50 years and she was obviously struggling with health issues. The cane and the clutching of his arm were dead give-aways. The priest had all the couples turn and renew their vows. You guessed it. I watched them and got weepy! The woman I was watching in particular got emotional when the priest got to  the “in sickness and in health” part. She got a bit teary and I got weepy!!

Ironically, the readings tonight were about following the laws of God: The Commandments. Same ones for thousands of years. No murder, no killing, no adultery, no lying!! The deacon (who has been married for 44 years) did a great spin on them by talking about the couples being a testimony  of following the commandments and  of love through the sacrament of marriage. It was very nice!

The song they sang while bringing up the gifts was “When Love Is Found”. Although I have heard it before, I really listened to and read the words. I think I want it played at my funeral!!

 When Love is Found (Wren/Hopson) 

When Love is found and hope comes home,
sing and be glad that two are one.
When love explodes and fills the sky,
praise God and share our Makers joy.

When love has flowered in trust and care
build both each day, that love may dare
To reach beyond homes warmth and light
to serve and strive for truth and right.

When love is tried as loved ones change,  
hold still to hope though all seems strange,  
Till ease returns and love grows wise
through listening ears and opened eyes.


When love is torn and trust betrayed,

pray strength to love till torments fade,

Till lovers keep no score of wrong, 
but hear through pain loves Easter song.

Praise God for love, praise God for life
in age or youth, in husband, wife.
Lift up your heart let love be fed
through death and life in broken bread.

The third verse of course reminded me of Parenting…..”When love is tried as loved ones change, hold still to hope though all seems strange” I love that line!!

The fourth verse and especially the line of “Till lovers keep no score of wrong” is a great line that makes me think of marriage. On the radio the other day, heading into Valentine’s Day,  they were talking about what makes a marriage last, the answer was a simple one – overlook each other’s minor flaws! I would have to add…..and don’t keep score!

Parenting and Marriage in a strange way is kind of like playing the TV Show – “Who’s line is it anyway?”…..Life is a mix of funny scenarios and the points don’t matter!




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