Tuesday, February 18, 2014 – Holy Spirit Church – Stamford, CT

Today was a vacation day for the schools, but I had to go in. It was SNOWING! I went to 7:30am mass with all 4 other attendees!! It was a very pretty church, but I did feel kind of like I was in the spotlight a bit. There was one reader, one guy who lit the candles and cleaned up, two ladies who sat in the last two rows, and myself! It was a 20 minute mass. The priest seemed like a very nice guy, but I was a bit disappointed when there was no homily. I have to admit that!

It did make me wonder something though. For me, as a visitor I had no expectations based on any experience there, but the other 4 people ventured out on a cold and snowing morning to make their way down long winding kind of roads in the North end of Stamford to a church where it seemed normal for a 20 minute mass! That was true dedication, devotion, commitment to starting their day with a sense of calmness.

At the end of Mass, the priest did come up to me to chat. He thought that maybe I might have been representing the family of the person who the Mass was being said for. I think it was obvious to him that I was not a regular. I think he knew those other four folks. When I told him I wasn’t part of that family and that I was in fact just visiting today to fulfill my 2014 New Year’s Resolution of visiting a Mass in all 85 churches of the Bridgeport Diocese, he shook my hand and said, “Well, good luck and God Bless!” He kind of nodded his head to me and looked like he totally approved of that!

He did make me feel welcome on that snowy morning! It was VERY NICE!


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