Sunday, March 2, 2014 – Northeast Community Church – Norwalk, CT

So, as if 3 masses weren’t enough…..I headed to NECC, just because I have been there in a while. The service was nice and the pastor was picking up where he left off last week about “Forward: The call to restoration”. The focus for the next couple of weeks is restoring yourself, relationships, and the community. It was a nice message of the fact that no matter how down on yourself you might be…Christ will restore you! Very uplifting.

One thought that he shared has stuck with me…….We often learn about the Bible, but it is more important to live the Bible. Going to church, reading the Bible and talking about God is certainly important and I do a lot of that…but the bigger challenge I often face is how do I LIVE what I have learned. It is hard to step out of my comfort zone and do something different for others who I may not know….but that is certainly something I need to think about.

Even more importantly, how do I get my kids to live the lessons of our faith that I have had a part in shaping? I have no idea! They are good kids, but how do I get them to step out of their comfort zone with me and serve others in new and exciting ways……
I will have to think about this!

There sure was a lot to think about this weekend……
Son of God Movie – Friday
St. Theresa and St. Ann – Saturday
St. Agnes and NECC – Sunday

Maybe Pastor Thomas was talking to me!!! Stop learning about all this and start living more of it…..just maybe. Maybe after I finish my New Year’s Resolution for 2014!


2 thoughts on “Sunday, March 2, 2014 – Northeast Community Church – Norwalk, CT

    • Hi Madeline
      THANKS for the feedback!! I am glad my Dad told you about it…and very happy that you are enjoying it. It has been a fun little project so far this year for me! Glad you are enjoying it! Thanks! Debi


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