Saturday, March 22, 2014 – Our Lady Star of the Sea – Stamford, CT

So after a few days in Key West, I am well rested and ready to move to Key West! Beautiful! Although I did not go to church while I was there, I did stop into a pretty St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Such a quiet space in a bustling tourist town. It was nice to take in a moment of peace before our pub crawl!!

On Saturday I went to Our Lady Star of the Sea. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, but I figured since I was just coming back from the Gulf and the Ocean, I might as well go to Our Lady Star of the SEA!! I am so glad I did. The priest had such a great speaking voice and sounded so smart. I could have listened to him for a very long time!

The reading was the famous one about Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. He told us it was a vitally important reading for a few reasons:

  1. Men and women could never have spoken un-chaperoned. It was against the law.
  2. A Samaritan would never have been allowed to speak to a Jew. It was against the law.
  3. It is the longest conversation that is captured in the Bible – an important lesson is embedded there.
  4. Jesus asked for Water when he knew the conversation would lead to the fact that she was in need of the Living Water (God) to live.
  5. Politics and Religion have always been intertwined…..even though we like to try to separate them. The politics of the day create policies that either aligns to our religious values or not. This is where he got me hooked! Then he spoke of the Bill that is in legislation right now that would make Physician Assisted Suicide legal in CT.

He talked about this Bill as not being one that is a grassroots effort. He talked about Politics trying to undermine Religion in a most basic and fundamental way to the Catholic (and Christian) life.  Instead, this bill is part of George Soros’ (and his “friends’”) societal engineering efforts. He talked about the fact that it is a bill that would make it legal to have a doctor write a prescription for drugs that would allow an individual to take their own life. He talked about the “pretty words” that make it more acceptable…..dying with dignity, easing the transition, acceptable death, etc……but then flipped to the fact that Jesus KNEW he was dying…and he knew exactly WHEN!! He chose to suffer for us fully knowing eternal life was coming for him and all of us.

He spoke about the fact that often it is when someone is dying in the last few days of life that they come to know Jesus most closely. It is in that paralleled suffering that some people actually see Christ in those who help them through the tough times….and it is those tough times that we, the ones not dying, actually step up and become most CHRIST-like and behave in the most loving ways. He asked what would happen if those experiences of the deepest kind of human love was taken away from the relationship between the one who is doing the dying and the ones who are helping in that transition from this world to the world of eternal life.

His final point is that God is the Author of our life…the creator, the writer, and the Savior. It is His plan, not ours, that needs to be followed for whatever reason He has for us and the ones who love us and stand beside us in the most difficult times. His point was that Physician Assisted Suicide would rob us all of the critical experiences God has for us. His view really made me think.

I couldn’t help but think….WOW…what if Jesus had chosen to have a doctor write a prescription so that he would not have had to suffer on the cross? What if he could have chosen to have a Physician Assisted Suicide and bypass the whole crucifixion thing?  Where would that have left off in the story of the Passion of Christ and then the Resurrection for us all?
Went to NECC this morning, Sunday, March 23rd, but kept thinking of the sermon yesterday… interesting. I thought of Grandma Keller and her last few days on earth, and Vinnie’s Dad. Even though it was so hard for them to leave this earth, and so hard for all of us to watch them leave this earth, I can’t imagine if they would have chosen to “do it all in” a few days earlier. I would have felt cheated in some way…robbed of some of the most beautiful moments and memories I have of their lives. In a strange way, it was the final moments where they crossed over into death, that made their lives so magical and beautiful.


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