Sunday, March 30, 2014 – Holy Trinity Church – Sherman, CT

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Saturday night, Christine and I went to see a play at Long Wharf called, Shadows of a Hummingbird. It was very good and very deep. A one man (and one boy) show that explored the concepts of sight, shadows, and innocence. In my journal, following the play, I wrote: “It was about not losing sight of the innocence in life. It referred to all kinds of “Sight” – internal, visual sights, physical sight, imaginary images, and shadows (not tangible)…are they  “real” things, seeing them, losing them, becoming a shadow of yourself. These were the themes of the play.”

Then, I went to church at Holy Trinity and the reading was all about Jesus helping the blind man to see and what that means in the Catholic faith. Who knew these two things…the play…and Mass would be connected on the same theme.

The priest was very nice and spoke about seeing what is there in front of you and also seeing beyond the obvious. He spoke of what we see when we look at an individual vs. what God sees when he looks at that same individual. That made me think of the fact that who we are on the surface is not who we truly are inside sometimes….and if this is true for me (I am not always aligning my behaviors and words to who I am on the inside…that God sees) this is true for the other people around me as well.

SO……the message to me is ….sometimes I have to look a little deeper (and not judge!) and see who the person in front of me truly is and ask, “How does God see this person?” That is not an easy question…..usually because I am quickly judging that person or comparing them to how I do things or see things….not how he/she sees things based on what God has put on their hearts.

Something to think about there!!  Who is the person I see when I look deeper and see beyond the physical being in front of me.

On a very nice note, the man next to me was a regular! Everybody knew him. He introduced himself to me as “Hello, I am running for Mayor of the Church!”. He was very nice and after mass introduced me to 4 other couples who were standing around us. I told him (and them) what I was doing there and he simply said, “That is awesome! Please come back and see us anytime!”. I left there with such a light heart!  He truly made me feel welcome in God’s House! Thanks Mayor!!


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