Saturday, April 26, 2014 – Our Lady of Fatima – Bridgeport, CT

Mom got in last night and we headed off to 8:00 mass in Bridgeport. It was pouring rain. I had checked on Mapquest, but who knew Bridgeport did not have street signs everywhere!? We where somewhere near the church, we had passed it, missed the street, then got turned around. I pulled out the GPS and we were there in less than 2 minutes! Amazing!
Once we were in the church, we settled down and tried to listen to the priest. Between his accent and the fact that we were seated way in the back of the church, I couldn’t understand anything he was saying. My mind wandered as I looked at the beautiful glass windows….simply amazing. As I looked around, I thought of the many things we all associate with a church…and the fact that I have seen these reminders in all the churches I have been in so far….stained glass (most of them!), candles, alter, pews, Stations of the Cross, American Flag, statues, the crucifix, the priests’ robes, etc. All of those things are not Christ, yet they remind us that He is there! We are on a journey that will bring us to Christ.
In fact, these things – present in all the churches – are like the GPS to help guide us to Christ! For me, it became in interesting idea to think about.
The Church is kind of like a GPS to help us stay focused, guide us, direct us, and give us clues to where we are going as we try to get through week to week. “Church” is the physical destination that we may have to use a GPS to get to, but inside it, are all the reminders of the real destination and the journey we are on……





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