Sunday, April 27, 2014 – St. Thomas Aquinas Parish – Fairfield, CT

I got up early this morning and headed off to Fairfield. WOW!! SO MANY FLOWERS! Holy Cow! Left over plants and arrangements from Easter!! Beautiful on the big wide altar. A really nice bonus was that I saw my friend/colleague from work there, Diane. I was impressed. It is always strange, but comforting when I see someone in a place I don’t expect to see them. It was nice to sit with her in that quiet place. For a 7am Mass there were a lot of people there.

Today was a very big day….St. John Paul II and another man became Saints in the Catholic Church! It was kind of cool to have new ones reach that status. I wish the priest had spoken more about that, but he did mention them and we prayed for them!

The sermon was about Doubting Thomas. The priest focused on the relationships we have of all kinds. We have friends, family, long term or short term people that come and go in our lives. We have relationships that go on forever while other relationships end abruptly, sometimes without ever knowing why. He then switched to Jesus’ relationship with the people in his life. He buddy, Thomas, doubted his Resurrection and needed proof from his friend’s visit after crucifixion.
For me, some friendships I need no proof of the loyalty and trust that exists. When it is true friendship, you just KNOW that person will be there for you, even if you have never had to test your theory. Other friendships do come and go. They seem to have their own rhythm. I remember trying to explain to my kids that we have different friends for different reasons. Whether I want to go to a movie, grab a drink, have a cup of tea, walk along the beach, or go off into the woods, I know I would call upon different friends for those different events.

Jesus needed a “doubting Thomas” in his circle of friends. Thomas, seemingly VERY concrete, needed to explore the reality of his friend’s work that needed to be done on this earth and in the afterlife for all of us. When I have friends who have died, I can still feel their presence at times, in certain places, at certain moments. Thomas’ story of needing to touch Jesus is a tangible reminder that our friends, those we have had relationships with, are still here….spiritually…even though we can not put our hands on theirs’ any longer.

It was funny to me that the priest’s sermon was about relationships and there I was sitting with Diane, unplanned, a colleague, friend of over 20 years, in a church I had never been in before.

Just by chance??



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