Saturday, June 14, 2014 – St Mary Church – Greenwich, CT

Liz came with me today because it is my 51st birthday!!!!

We met on “The Avenue” in Greenwich right in front of the church. I had never been there, but she had been there and had some connections to it. We entered and it felt old. There were murals in circles high on the walls. I am not sure if they were saints or popes! The church was pretty with so many details to look at. The crucifix above the altar struck me. There was a stained glass window of the death of Christ above the altar, yet hanging directly above the altar was a full blown Jesus, dressed, and pointing to the ceiling with his left hand. He appeared to be rising right off of the cross. Very cool! It was the images of the stained glass “story” with the Risen Christ in front that made it so interesting!!

About 10 minutes into the Mass, Liz told me she and her sister had gone to high school with the priest saying Mass. And then I thought…..not too shabby – give your life to Christ and land in a church right in the heart of “The Avenue” in Greenwich, while other priests in the graduating Seminarian class may have landed in the heart of a multi-ethnic neighborhood in inner city Bridgeport!

So there is at least one priest who is a product of Brien McMahon High School!!! Who knew??

I know there have been doctors, lawyers, teachers, me – a principal, nurses, bus drivers, business owners, etc who have graduated from McMahon, but I guess I never gave any thought to the question as to whether or not a priest had! I wonder when he got his “calling”? Was it before graduation or after? Was it during math class or during a Homecoming Football game? I don’t know.

I do know I got MY “calling” to be a teacher in 2nd grade. Miss Ianelli was so pretty and had a beautiful Boston accent. I wanted to be JUST LIKE HER when I grew up! I knew I wanted to make spelling tests and grade them. I wanted to drill math facts into other people’s heads. I wanted to have the power of a RED PEN! Just like Miss Ianelli.

It is interesting to me that some people know right away at a young age what they want to do in life and with others it takes more time. Some people bury their true professional desires until a time comes where they can’t deny it anymore…these are the “career changers”. Some are pulled in so many directions with various interests that they seem to just not be able to commit. Yet, others remain steadfast in their desire (or passion) to do whatever it takes to get there. These are the ones who seem to always have known what they were supposed to do with their life.

So, today I left mass wondering, what if I had taken a different career path? What if I chose to be an author, or writer, or nurse, or restaurant owner….a long time ago? How would I have been different or would I have eventually been a teacher in the end…..a “career changer” back into what I may have always supposed to have been.

I also wonder who would I have met along the way had a chosen a different career….and who would I have never met (in my world of education) who have obviously helped shaped me into who I am today? Is it our choice to choose our path or is it somehow pre-ordained that we would enter a certain career path being that we are born with some “God given talents” and skills?

Interesting to think about what our true purpose (or “calling”) is and how we came to realize it.


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