Saturday, June 7, 2014 – Sacred Heart Church – Stamford, CT

Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of Vinnie’s dad, “Big Vin”. What an incredibly fast year! Time is so evasive. What seemed like a day we would all never make it through is suddenly a year ago!

Liz came with me once I decided to go to Sacred Heart in Stamford. As we walked inside, the first thing we had to notice was the crucifix in the front vestibule. It was huge, however, what I did not expect when we opened the church doors into the actual church, was the breathtaking mosaic portrait of the LIVING CHRIST that was the backdrop to the altar. It was such a conscious reminder that Christ is not dead. In fact, He is very alive and in the center of His Church. It was beautiful. I can’t image how long it took to create.

I needed to see that on this anniversary. I loved my father-in-law. That is no secret. But today I was so clearly reminded that Big Vin is alive and in Christ’s presence (and our presence) today and every day.

I closed my eyes for a minute during that Mass and could feel the presence of the living God and Big Vin. There is no doubt in my mind they are together!
After Mass, Liz and I went out to breakfast! Such a treat to spend an early Saturday morning with a good friend. I am truly blessed!

And……….Happy Birthday to my sister, Leslie!! Love you!


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