Friday, June 20, 2014 – St. Joseph Parish – Shelton, CT

Today was the first day of vacation! Eleven years as principal…over! Twenty-eight years in education…done! I headed off to a 7:30 am mass so that I could get to the lake! It was on the way!

St. Joseph was a pretty church. Although it was set on the side of the road, it was also set higher up with stone steps leading to the massive doors. When I entered, the first thing I noticed was the very pretty, ornate saints that that were painted on the wooden ceiling above the altar.

About 20 members from a family were gathered in several pews. They were there for the man who the mass was being said for. Four nuns also entered to join the other 25 people or so in the pews. The church is attached to a school. I am sure the nuns work in that school.

The priest opened up with a scripture. In that scripture was a quote that spoke to me….”Without Him, our bodies can not move.” The ironic part that spoke to me was that had the Board of Education accepted and approved my Sabbatical request, I would have been starting my six month journey to hike the Appalachian Trail. My body would have been seriously moving! In my case the quote should have been “WITHOUT BOARD APPROVAL, My Body Can NOT move!”
Sitting there I felt frustration that my desires are so contingent upon someone else’s approval. Maybe God had put the BOE in between my desired request and my actions for some reason….maybe to protect me from my crazy ideas?? I’m just not willing to accept that though!

I will have to let my fantasy go for a couple of years till I can own my own desires an actions without the approval of 9 non-risk taking people who don’t even really know the true me!

On the other hand, had the Board accepted my request, I would not have been in church this morning. I would have been home packing and mapquesting the shortest route to Mount Katahdin in Maine!!

I also would not be doing my church tour blog for 2014, instead all Spring I would have been blogging about my training hikes on

I would not be going to Haiti in July and then Guatemala two weeks later. Instead, I would have been doing that next summer in 2015 and November 2014, respectively!

I would not be whining about not going for a 6 month hike. Instead, I would have been getting a bit nervous about packing and repacking all Spring!

I will have to take a deep breath and stop whining for now and instead continue to look for options of how and when I will find myself on the Trail!


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