Tuesday, June 24, 2014 – St Mary Church – Ridgefield, CT

This morning I did a 7:00am Mass in Ridgefield. It would be the first of 2 masses I decided to do today!

The priest began with the announcement that it is the Nativity of John The Baptist…which means……6 months to the day, we will be at Christmas Eve Mass!!! Holy Cow….that woke me up!

He went on to do a beautiful homily about the relationship of John to Jesus. He also said that John is supposed to remind us that everyday is a gift of renewal of Faith, Hope and Love. He said John is the reminder that something even bigger and better is coming! He also went on to say, Everyday is another opportunity to be a free-will offering of our lives to God.

Interesting thought. Made me wonder if I have ever really “given it up to God”. I am too much of a control freak! I will admit it from time to time. As I am getting older, I think I am becoming even more of a control freak! Maybe it is because of the responsibilities I have at work or maybe because I feel less in control of my children’s lives?? I don’t know…but I do know that I don’t often do a “free will offering of my life to God”!!

When I think of that phrase I think of the Mother Theresa kind of women. Although, I envision her as a spunky woman who often had a lot of control, she also radiates true trust in a plan that gets revealed a little at a time. For me….I want to see the whole plan, then judge it, decide if I am going to do it, then I can jump in a little more easily. I think that is the definition of Control Freak!!

The notion of everyday being a gift of renewal of Faith, Hope and Love, I can honestly say…..I am trying!!! I do try to start each day as a new beginning and hope it goes well. I do have faith that there is something bigger than all of us that allows us to grow in our daily experiences, and I try to frame my actions in love. Not always easy, but I try!

SO…If I can do a little less controlling, a little more faith, hope and love, maybe I will eventually be able to trust that God’s plan is a good one for me!! I will try!


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