Wednesday, June 25, 2014 – St. Thomas More – Darien, CT

That same morning, I decided to head to Darien before I went for breakfast with Rita and Carleen. I had to wait till the summer to go to St. Thomas More since their mass is at 9am! So, I went today; back to back sermons again.
My friend, Bob, greeted me at the door and welcomed me into his church! Bob is a “follower” of my blog, so I was excited to see him at Mass. Although he is there every day, it was very nice for him to greet me and tell me about his church. Thanks Bob!!

The mass was simple, straight, and to the point. Again, the notion of when given a choice, it is better to ACT as Christ would act, rather than just SPEAK the words he taught. The priest gave several examples from the Bible of when Christ’s actions spoke louder than his words. He rattled them off and every example was familiar.

He then asked us to ask ourselves how often strangers would know we were followers of Christ by our actions. Made me think of the song from my childhood, “And they’ll know we are Christians, by our love, …..” (I bet many of you just sang that line in your head, instead of reading it, right?? Hahaha). It didn’t say “They will know we are Christians by talking about what we should do all the time!” Our actions do speak louder than words.
I would like to think that in my day to day interactions, most people can see through my actions that I try to be a kind, compassionate person. But, the reality is that doesn’t always happen! Humans fall short – and, yes, I am human…..but I try. I guess that is what Christ wants us to do; just at least try.

In all honesty, my kids have grown up seeing me try to be nice to others, try to serve others, and try to take the high road, their whole lives; however, I am not sure if they view me as “Christ-like”. I will have to ask them someday……or maybe one of them might read my blog and tell me?? That would be kind of funny!

When I am in Haiti with 11 other individuals, I hope the people of Jacmel will know we are Christians, by our love! I am excited about taking ACTION and going to serve in Haiti, rather than just talking about doing it someday! That someday is in two weeks!


One thought on “Wednesday, June 25, 2014 – St. Thomas More – Darien, CT

  1. Thanks Debi
    for the GREAT comment I really appreciate it since I do try to help the priests, as a layperson should, at daily mass as volunteer sacristan, almost 2 years now. I follow your journal because you do the complete opposite of my ministry. I see one church done 87 different ways, from Green (ordinary time, to red for martyrs, to a Mary mass option on Saturday) or with a visiting priest, our pastor , other parochial vicar priest, in summer, winter, fall , or spring. You see 87 parishes that make up our Bridpeport diocese and let remind me God is present in all 87 parishes ad ,he’s always been there and most certainly God is in your journal . i see Him everywhere in your posts I have been reading the last 6 months. Keep it up and i hope you return to our friendly parish the doors are always open at 9 am for mass (845 on Sunday).
    Bob Rissolo


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