Saturday, July 26, 2014 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish – Danbury, CT

This is Kate’s church, but she was on vacation so she could not join me, Lisa, and Liz for 8:00 mass. But Danny did meet up with us at Sandy Hook Diner for some awesome corned beef hash!!

I have to say, it has taken me a week to write this because I am not quite sure what to write. The priest was lovely…..nice, tall, seemingly pleasant Irish guy who welcomed us and gave us a brief Bible Study on Ann and Joe…..Jesus’ Grandparents!! Mary’s parents!. It was interesting to think of Jesus having grandparents….they are not mentioned very often! The mass was done in 21 minutes!

It was strange to be sitting in this pretty, decorated space called “church” in Danbury, CT when I had just gotten back a week ago from a square, cement, bare-walled building, also called “church”. “Church” is now kind of a new concept to me. The routine structure to Mass felt a little foreign after spending 2 services in Morne Oge, Jacmel, Haiti…….In this Danbury church, it seemed to be about the routine prayers, the shiny chalice, the speed at which the Our Father was said. In addition, it did not appear that anyone really knew anyone by name. In Morne Oge, it was clearly about the people. Everyone knew everyone by name in that village church. None of those other things, the routine prayers, the chalice, the chanted Our Father, either were present or understood by me anyhow. I think it is going to take a bit of time to “adjust” to the old norm……I kind of like my new norm.

The highlight of my day came right after mass in the town next door! Breakfast for four! The corned beef hash was just as good as I’d remembered. I haven’t had it since April when I got hypnotized for weight loss, but I just had to taste it! AMAZING!!! Danny told us the diner is for sale……you know we spent about a half hour trying to figure out how we could all quit our jobs and buy the diner and eat corned beef hash everyday!!

Good dreams we all have!


2 thoughts on “Saturday, July 26, 2014 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish – Danbury, CT

  1. I love that diner! And your comment about Jesus’ grandparents made me laugh! Fr. Howell was not too impressed with my lack of knowledge during my pre-confirmation interview when I had to choose a name:

    Fr. Howell: What name did you choose?
    Me: Ann
    Fr. Howell: Do you know who St. Ann was?
    Me: No, I’m not really sure.
    Fr. Howell: So then, why did you choose it?
    Me: Because it’s my sponsor’s name and I like the way it sounds with Linda Marie.
    Fr. Howell: (very sternly) Well, you should have known before you chose it that St. Ann was Mary’s mother and Jesus’ grandmother.

    My reasons were obviously too superficial … and I was forever fearful of him from 8th grade on!

    Let me know your church schedule the next few weekends – would love to join you for a mass if I can.



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