Sunday, August 03, 2014 – St. Margaret’s Shrine – Bridgeport, CT

Wearing my Haitian necklace and my Irish face, I entered the church with Vinnie. We went to an Italian Mass in the middle of Park Ave in Bridgeport for 9:30 am mass at St. Margaret’s Shrine! Who knew first of all that there was an Italian Mass every Sunday at 9:30 AND who knew there was a beautiful park-like shrine built into a hill with winding passage ways and statues right there in the middle of Park Avenue. It was very cool.

Between the mass and the shrine area and the Italian ladies in the church choir, it was like walking back into a different country. Of course, I understood nothing of the mass, but I have to say it is very interesting if you close your eyes and try to say the Our Father in English in your head while you hear the Our Father in Italian all around you. Very strange sensation. A everyone did the sign of peace, I heard “pace, pace”, except for the girl behind me who said to me, “peace be with you.” Very sweet!

Outside Vinnie and I wandered past the marble stations of the cross, up the stone steps to the crucifix standing high on the hill. Going back down, we past depictions of famous Bible scenes set into the mountainous rock; a pretty brook ran through it. We continued on to a beautiful rock pond – that warned us of NO SWIMMING – seriously???? – and then back up the hill again to see a few saints and martyrs. I told Vinnie that I could sit there all day in that peaceful surrounding with a good book!

It continues to amaze me that there are beautiful spots everywhere. I could have been in Bridgeport or Italy or any other city during the mass and during our walk through the shrine. It reminded me that I need to stop from time to time and appreciate the moments that are there for the taking.

I have told Jennifer that we will have to go to mass there for her birthday! I think she’ll enjoy it!


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