Saturday, August, 16, 2014 – Holy Name of Jesus – Stamford, CT

It amazed me that I could get 5 members (1/3 of my book club) to join me for an 8:00 mass being said in POLISH on a Saturday morning in August! But I did!!! Liz, Lisa, Linda, and Marianne all joined me!

The mass was not held in the church, so we went into the chapel. The 5 of us, 3 nuns in blue habits, about 12 other people and the chapel was full!!! The priest started mass. It is so interesting to listen to a mass that you know your entire life, yet when said in another language, it is so mysterious on one hand and familiar on the other. It is hard to reconcile with your head, where you are in the process, of the pattern of Mass.

We stood when we were supposed to and sat when we should. We followed the Our Father in Polish with the words swimming somehow in our minds. When we shook hands for the sign of peace, everyone spoke in English again. For that 35 minutes it took for Mass, I believe we could have been in the heart of Poland or in Stamford or anywhere else in the world. So interesting!

At the end of Mass, Liz chatted with the nun behind us. She was so cute when Liz said how nice the chapel and Mass was. She didn’t miss a beat when she told Liz straight out, “Oh, I don’t speak Polish either!!”. SO FUNNY are the assumptions we make!

After Mass, as luck would have it, Lisa knew the seminarian. He grew up in St. Thomas. Once we explained the “Church Tour”….he literally took us into the church for a tour!! What a treat! It was gorgeous….a step into Europe sitting right there in the heart of Stamford, about 400 yards from I-95!! The marble, murals, statues, lighting, candles….again, as in all of the old churches were breath taking.

The priest joined us and pointed out tidbits and reminded us to come to their Polish Festival that the church was hosting for the weekend. He actually gave us a brochure. He was so proud of his community. It was very sweet!
After Mass, off to breakfast! It is actually what we do best! Delicious breakfast with great friends!

I am so blessed!!


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