Sunday, August, 17, 2014 – Our Lady of Peace – Stratford, CT

What a pretty church tucked in at the shore in Lordship section of Stratford!! Beautiful!!

I scooted into the back row just as Mass was beginning. The church was made of brick walls painted white with skinny and simple stained glass windows! So quaint!!! So different from yesterday’s church in Stamford (epic and grand proportions that could have been mistaken for a cathedral in Europe!) and St. Mark across town (So modern in a squared off and simple building). This church was a throwback to a small town feeling! Pretty.

The priest did the homily in a whole different way. Of course, the readings were the same and he began the same as the other priest….the fact that Jesus would never have spoken to the Canaanite woman…..male/female reasons…..Jew/Gentile reasons….and the big one…those two groups hated each other! He touched on the fact that again, this was occurring in a region that historically and still is in such bitter turmoil among its people.

He went in a different direction, though. He spoke about the woman’s determination, which Jesus saw and then he saw her faith. He talked about moving way past the exterior of what you see in another person and moving into the inside of what you see in someone through their words and actions!

I guess you could say both men preached the same message “Look beyond the surface to see someone’s intentions revealed by their words and actions”.

I am going to have to really remember this and also stay vigilant of how others truly see my intention through my words and actions.

That is a challenge!!


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