Sunday, September 21, 2014 – St. Augustine Cathedral Church – Bridgeport, CT

So, after the Stratford church, Liz and I had a lovely Greek salad for lunch on a way to the VIETNAMESE Mass at the Cathedral. Talk about an international day!!!

This Mass was by far, one of the coolest!!!

The cathedral itself is beautiful. But then to see about 225 kids between the ages of 5 and 16 or so file in and so respectfully sit together in their matching uniforms at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and then be surrounded by about another 150-200 adults was incredible!!

The music was probably the prettiest music I have ever heard in a church. The little Vietnamese nun was the director of the choir who sang from the balcony area. Absolutely gorgeous!! The priest’s words came from the pulpit with a sing-song kind of pattern and the parishioners sang back responses. NO ONE HAD A BOOK for the prayers….only for the songs….which EVERYONE sang with their full hearts!

The good news for Liz and myself was that a priest came out for the homily and spoke ENGLISH!! He spoke about the changes in mass times for this church and they Synod that is going on in our diocese. He reinforced the mantra of the bishop which is “RISE UP! WE ARE ON THE MOVE!” The idea of “moving forward beyond the past” was good for me to hear in a different context since this has been the mantra of the leadership in my district. I guess life in general is all about change and moving forward.

When I went to communion, the Vietnamese priest switched immediately to English and said, “Body of Christ” with no hint of an accent! That was so cool. It reminded me of when I went to China with Christine to get her daughter. Myself and another woman went to a Chinese mass one morning. The entire mass was so familiar, yet I did not understand a word. When I got up to the altar for communion, that priest did the very same thing. He held out the Eucharist and in perfect English said, “The Body of Christ”.

I guess the Eucharist really does speak a universal language!

I am so glad Liz and I went to this Mass today. It left me feeling so uplifted!


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