Sunday, September 21 – Our Lady of Grace Parish –Stratford, CT

Liz and I were supposed to go to the Lithuanian Mass in Bridgeport, but the mass was cancelled due to a Parish Picnic! So we scurried over to Stratford to get to Our Lady of Grace. I am glad we did! It was a nice family parish that seemed really active.

We entered and there was a televised speaker on a big screen. He was a Catholic speaker/musician from the Youth Conference and will be visiting the youth of the church for a concert next month. He sounded awesome and he spoke of God being present in everyday life of teenagers and all of us.

One of his messages was kind of empowering. He said “Faith doesn’t just happen. It is a decision.” Then he went on to say…”Every one of those decisions moves you either closer to or further away from God.” I thought about so many times I assumed I believed, but when push came to shove, I wasn’t so sure. And on top of that I thought about all the conversations and actions I take in a single day and had to reflect on how many of those words or actions move me closer to what God intends for me….or further away.

I should take a day this week and actually pay attention to the details of my words and actions to see if I truly am “deciding” to live my “faith” or if I just assume every day that my faith will be evident to those around me….just because I assume it will be!


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