Saturday, October 11, 2014 – St. Peter Church – Danbury, CT

Today was another dreary Saturday and I was driving to Danbury again. This time alone which was fine. It was a nice ride.

It was a big old stone church sitting proudly right on Main Street. I don’t know how long it has been there, but I can only imagine the history the church and that stretch of Danbury holds. Beautiful.

The priest had such a nice voice; so easy to listen to and so welcoming. It was lovely to sit there for a half hour and just breathe and listen. He said something that was awesome at the moment and now I can’t remember what it was……Argh! I hate when that happens!! Maybe it will come to me….if so, I will write it down!!

Maybe it is a lesson that I should not be so smug and I should whip out my pen and write it down ASAP so I don’t forget.

Looking around the church, the stained glass and Stations of the Cross were beautiful. I loved them. The high cathedral ceilings tapered off into perfect triangles that held stained glass circles high above everything. It really was pretty. I would imagine on a bright and sunny day, the rays that would shine through the glass would be spectacular.


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