Saturday, October 4, 2014 – St. Joseph Church – Danbury, CT

I am writing this a week later, just because life is BUSY!!

Anyhow, on this grey and dreary morning, Lisa and Liz drove to Danbury and met me at St. Joseph’s as I came down from Waterbury. Truth be told, our mission really was to end up at breakfast at the Windmill Diner with Danny and Michelle! Mission ultimately accomplished!!

Today is the Feast Day for St. Francis of Assisi and the priest made special mention of it. All through Mass I thought back to the many times I had walked Mickee and the 4 kids over to St. Philip to have Mickee blessed on a Sunday afternoon. It was always so cute and they LOVED it. There were cats in carriers, goldfish in bowls, gerbils in cages, and our beautiful dog, Mickee trying to sniff out some other dogs. The kids took turns holding the leash as Deacon Reilly tried to maintain some semblance of order and move the little ceremony along. Of the 5 or so years we went only once was it damp and rainy like today. The other times were always those beautiful and perfect October days in CT.

The church itself, when I did focus on it, was pretty and rather ornate. Some ladies wore veils, some kneeled on both knees to accept the Eucharist, and the rosary was started immediately following the Mass. Kind of “old school” but such and air of reverence and tradition. It was kind of cool.

Then……..breakfast was served!! Delicious food and great conversation for the 5 of us! I loved my “Meat lovers omelet”!! Holy smokes that was delicious! Then…just to look at more food, the 5 of us took a ride to Whole Foods. Didn’t buy much there because I didn’t have time to take out a small mortgage! Good Lord, you could spend a month’s budget on a Saturday’s meal there!!

It was nice to spend time with Danny, Michelle, Lisa and Liz. Great way to start my weekend off!


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