Sunday, October 5, 2014 – Christ The King Church – Trumbull, CT

I went to Mass alone this morning, but that was totally alright. It was a beautiful day and a nice morning for a ride. When I entered the church, I felt like I was in someone’s living room. So open, comfortable, pretty blue colors inside and floor to ceiling clear glass. No stained glass windows. It was beautiful.

There were lots of nuggets to think about while I was in Mass. The first one was that the priest really pulled out the fact that God is the creator of the “vineyard” for us all. The parable in the first reading and the Gospel both spoke of this. He gave us everything and made the conditions right for us all “in our vineyards” and yet, we still choose to not grow our fruits to the fullest potential that He wants for us in order for us to live our lives most fully!! Then, the priest went on to push it further. The priest said, He even sent His SON (in the Gospels) and yet, we, as a society still ignored the relationships and conditions that He has set up for us…….and we still do!! That was the clinching statement for me…..”AND WE STILL DO”. I need to really pay attention more to who and what things are placed right in front of me that I may be ignoring.

It made me think of opportunities that come up – as if “by chance” (which even though I believe nothing happens by chance, I still miss the obvious signs!!) – and I don’t take advantage of. However, I am getting much better at taking a risk on opportunities as they arise……call it a bucket list or goals or whatever you want to call them – but I am taking advantage of them more in life. I hate missing out on things as well…so maybe it is part of just who I am that kind of thrives on things when the conditions seem right.

At the end of Mass, a parishioner got up to speak about the Knights of Columbus. I have been nagging Vinnie to have our boys join. I am so glad my father got Vinnie to join when he was 19. It has been critical for us for insurance and paying for a wedding!! I’m going to have to push this a little more so my own boys don’t miss out on an opportunity (again….where the conditions have been set up for them to take advantage of!!).

Speaking of boys, on a sad note, Norwalk lost another young man in a terrible car accident on Friday night, Johnny Soyland. His parents and Vinnie are friends, so again, so sad for us and my children who are friends with his brothers. In church I listed 6 or 7 sons from Norwalk who have passed away in strange and sad ways over the past 6 years. I couldn’t help but look at the statue of Mary, think about these sons’ mothers, and wonder, how do they find the strength to get through the loss of a son? The conditions I know God puts around them and in their “vineyard” is the love of friends….I don’t know how else they could make it through and continue to live in their “vineyard”.

The last nugget from this Mass was the song they sang at the end of church. I believe it is the Song/Prayer of St. Francis….”Make me a channel of your peace, etc “…….I love that song. I will have to add the lyrics….I find that song very soothing.


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