Saturday, October 18, 2014 – St. Leo Parish – Stamford, CT

Liz surprised me and jumped into the pew beside me right after the Gospel. She was in the back row and spotted me…she knew I’d be there! What a treat!
The priest’s message was kind of short and sweet…..Our prayers don’t go “unanswered” when we don’t get what WE want. They are just answered in ways that we didn’t expect, but they are answered as part of HIS plan for us.

Although I had heard statements such as this, it always sounded like a lame explanation that just meant you weren’t getting what you wanted, so suck it up!! Tonight, however, I heard it with a more open heart, I guess. I thought of the many times I did not get what I thought I wanted and things actually made sense or led to something better a little time after. I think if I reflect enough there are very few times I have been disappointed in the long haul. Sometimes I just think I thought I was lucky, but through this lens, perhaps God did have a better plan for me than I thought I had for myself.

HAHA….Just got a perfect example that just came across my text….I just told my niece that I am on Day 117 in my mind of doing the hike of the Appalachian Trail that I couldn’t get a sabbatical to do….her response was “That really stinks, just wasn’t meant to be right now…you’ll get to do it soon enough!”….I think even my walk will be done on God’s time….with His Plan!!

As a throw back to my childhood, the congregation sang The Our Father….same tune we used to sing at the folk mass at St. Joseph’s….so comforting to go back in time!


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