Saturday, October 25, 2014 – Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish – Danbury, CT

This morning was very interesting. I went up for a 7:30am mass in Danbury. NOBODY was near the church. I waited across the street thinking I might see someone go into the church or have lights come on or something. Then, I saw someone slip into the Parish Center just next door. I decided to follow her in. I entered the Center’s main “living room” that was set up like a chapel. It was very quaint.

A nice older woman came to me. I asked if there was a mass here. She said, “Yes, but it is in PORTUGUESE.” I told her that was OK with me and asked if I could stay. She said, “Of course.” With that the 9 people total took out a book and started chanting, being led by one man next to me, in Portuguese. She leaned back over to me and said, “First we do prayers, then we will do Mass.” Sounded OK to me.

The priest came out and began the Mass. It is fascinating to me when everyone understands what is going on except me. I think it is very interesting to watch. Again, as I have experienced before, the language of a Mass is universal. There are pauses, responses, bows, stand ups, sit downs, rhythms that all make the experience familiar even without the common language.
The Mass gave me about a half an hour to just breathe and take it all in. It was so peaceful listening to the responses of the 9 people……at least 7 of them were over 65, the other 2 were about my age. It felt like we were all in one of these people’s living room. It was very nice.

At the end of Mass there was a Eucharistic Adoration. Some of the women were on their knees, some of them were standing, and I sat for a few minutes, then decided to leave them all as they prayed to the Holy Eucharist. Their faith seemed so strong to me. I don’t know one of their names or what their stories are, but I was with 9 people who truly believed Christ was in their midst on this Saturday morning. Very cool.


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