Sunday, October 13, 2014 – Our Lady of Guadalupe – Danbury, CT

This morning I debated with myself about the order of masses and which churches I would go in. I decided to head up towards Danbury and catch two masses. I am glad I did!!

As I pulled into the parking lot for Our Lady of Guadalupe, which was tucked into a little neighborhood area, I immediately guessed it would be a SPANISH mass. There were a couple of Spanish men setting up tables of hand carved Madonnas, Nativity Scenes, and Crucifixes for sale. They were beautiful!! Four other men walked past them with their guitar cases – obviously they’d be the choir.

I asked a gentle man if the masses were at 8, 10 or 12. He said, “No, but the 9:30 was going to be in Spanish.” SO I stayed. It was a pretty church. It looked like someone’s home with big windows facing into the woods. So relaxing.
The mass was packed! Young families with standing room only! It was incredible. The priest was wonderful. As I listened real closely and watched his expressive face with hands moving an a great smile, I could almost understand what he was saying. My 7 years of Spanish was kind of paying off!

He talked about being special with a personal invitation to live a life that Christ has created for each of us. He made me feel kind of “chosen” without ever saying a word in English!

It did dawn on me as the crowd responded with “Pragamos al Senor” (We pray to the Lord), that God hears prayers in every language simultaneously!! That is kind of impressive to say the least!

I guess my egocentric self thought he would hear my prayers first since they were in English, then he would have to translate everyone else’s to English as well. Sounds pretty ignorant on my part now that I put that in writing. Maybe he is translating my English prayers to Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese or something else?? Ah……Pragamos al Senor!!


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