Sunday, November 2, 2014 – St. Mary Church – Stamford, CT

Liz and I went to Fr. Falla’s new church. He is so sweet. His sermon was beautiful in that it reminded us that we are surrounded by the love of the souls that have gone before us. AND, it was those souls, who dwelled on this planet in the human condition that helped paved the way for us today and continue to watch over and protect us every day. It fits my believe that we are all connected at a spiritual level and in fact our souls have made commitments to each other to pair up, partner up, and be living examples to each other. I kind of like knowing that the souls that are housed in the bodies I see around me are there to guide me, teach me, and to protect me. Kind of a nice image for me to reflect on!

I once heard a woman speak of the pacts our souls make to live this life together. I like that idea. There are times I meet someone and I feel an instant connection. I feel like we have known each other for a very long time. Or, I may not see someone for years, but when we reconnect it feels like no time has gone by. I like to believe that our souls are connected and linked to each other in a way that goes back in “eternity”.

Fr. Falla was excited to announce his installation to this parish and I wish him such luck and love in his new parish. He is such a nice man….a man who is always the same guy when you see him. He connects to people in a calm and beautiful way. It was nice to be with him this morning!

As I sat there I thought of my friend Else who got married there over 50 years ago. It may still be the only double wedding they ever had there in that beautiful cathedral-like church. She and her husband and her sister and brother-in-law all got married at the same time! VERY COOL!!!
And….of course, Liz and I went out for breakfast! Delicious!!


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