Sunday, November 9, 2014 – St. Gregory the Great – BLUFFTON, SC

Vinnie and I went to South Carolina to visit Mom and Dad. We had to go to church on Sunday because, quite frankly, any of the masses on Saturday evening would cut into our Happy Hour!

SO….off we went. St. Gregory the Great was beautiful and PACKED!! Plenty of Catholics in that church!

The priest was enjoyable to listen to. He spoke about “The Church”….as a building, and an organization, as a body for our souls. He spoke about our Body as a Temple of the God within us. And then that led to the fact that WE ARE CHRIST that is housed in a human body living in human conditions.

I thought back to the last two priests I listened to over All Souls’ Day weekend. This sermon reinforced the concept of our souls living in a certain time and place and how our bodies “house” Christ for all to see.

Two big thoughts come to mind…. KEY HYPNOSIS and YOGA.

This year has been a year of BODY AND SOUL: MY CHURCH TOUR.

This year I went for hypnosis at The Key Hypnosis with Julie Ann Kibe for weight loss and the hypnotist talked a lot about FORGIVING ourselves for the abuse we have given OUR BODIES. In general, we mistreat our bodies when in reality our bodies are just the vehicle that our souls are using while on this earth. It is a fascinating realization that my soul CHOSE this body to be housed in so that I can bring light to those I interact with in so many ways. Kind of a powerful and cool responsibility for this body!!

In August a friend suggested we try YOGA. Since I decided to be kinder and gentler to myself and my soul I said Yes and we have been holding a small group Yoga session at my house since then. I have loved it….it is relaxing, it is focused, it is forgiving, it is peaceful! What a treat twice a week to myself. Anyway, at the end of each session, the leader completes a prayer she started at the beginning and ends it with NAMASTE….we all bow slightly to her as well and repeat NAMASTE. The translation is……The light within me honors the light within you.

What a beautiful way to greet, and treat the people (who are just souls living a timed life in a vehicle called a body) who we interact with on a daily basis.

I just thought of a Christian song called “Temporary Home” which aligns to this thought beautifully.


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