Sunday, December 7, 2014 – Notre Dame Parish – Easton, CT

Liz and I headed off of 8:15 Mass and I am glad we did.

First, Easton is such a pretty place….it was a nice treat to start our day feeling like we were in a different state, yet it is only about 15 miles or so away!!

The priest seemed like quite a historian. He had a nice voice that I found easy to listen to. One thing that has stuck with me all week was his message that “We are all a work in progress!”.

The priest spoke about our covenant with God…He is ours and we are His. But with that promise in our relationship is also the promise that He will provide opportunities to guide us to our purpose!! It is up to us to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities that do come our way and trust that HIS plan is good for us! He puts us where we are supposed to be so that opportunities are in front of us to take advantage of so that we can fulfill our true purpose that HE has for us…… Wow! What a concept!!

This was a pretty deep kind of message that I hadn’t really thought about…..yet, I have spent many days of my life asking….What the hell am I doing here??? Perhaps, I have always been exactly where I should have been at each of those times. I think I kind of knew that in an intellectual way, but it is harder to believe in a human way sometimes.

Another little side note he slid in during the sermon was that there is a very healing process that occurs in the service of others. This was interesting in that the book I am reading right now for our book club, I read later that day that the author has experienced “by serving others or doing good deeds, his spirits have been lifted in the process”. I think I have also experienced times like that…..on crappy kind of days at work or at home…when I have done something for someone else, I have often felt a little better.

Maybe God has given me those crappy days as my opportunity to fulfill a purpose for others and/or myself.

Interesting to think about!!

And of course, the breakfast we had at Penny’s II Diner in Fairfield was delicious!!!


One thought on “Sunday, December 7, 2014 – Notre Dame Parish – Easton, CT

  1. Sometimes it could be the smallest thing you can do for another person that gives both the giver and receiver happiness. Be kind to one another – it’s that simple.


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