Sat., Dec. 20, 2014 – (St. John, Darien) AND St Margaret Mary Alacoque – Shelton, CT

This morning Leslie and I went to St. John’s for a Memorial Service for Mike FitzMaurice, the husband of one of my teachers at MMS. So sad…a long sad illness. Fr. Frank Gomez did the service which was beautiful. He spoke about the 12 Days of Christmas and the fact that Mike’s family was all together for 12 days leading into the holidays…and the song itself was written as a code to Christianity…..all leading up to the ONE partridge in a pear tree (Christ). Very nice link he made. He made nice comments about the Mike, his wife Ann, and the children. And ended the whole sermon with a powerful statement…..God only has one purpose for each of us as we live our lives on this planet and that is to bring JOY to everyone you meet. God is LOVE and we share his love in the little day to day things we do that bring JOY to others. WOW!!! I loved it!!

Later in the afternoon Lisa and I went to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Parish in Shelton. We were a couple minutes late, but we made it in for the Gospel. We so needed to be there. It felt like the priest was talking directly to us during the homily…almost like he knew we would be there.

His whole sermon focused on the reading about Mary learning of her pregnancy and saying YES. With the phrase, “With God all things are possible” he moved from the word “YES” to a deeper understanding of WANTS vs. NEEDS. Mary did not want to be pregnant, especially in that time she ran many risks being an unwed teenaged woman, but she needed to trust God that this would be in the best interest for all.

He focused on the WANTS vs .Needs and gave lots of great examples…..we WANT a specific car, but we just NEED a way to get somewhere; We WANT a particular item or trip or something, but our want gets pushed away be something we actually really NEED. Then he went to forgiveness….we may not want to forgive, but we need to!! He talked about the rifts that have formed in families and times when people in the family have not spoken, simply because they are focusing on a WANT rather than a NEED. He encouraged us all to take the time during this season and pray for what we need, and take actions to deal with the things we need, rather than stay stuck in the here and now…in the world of WANT.

He assured us…in the scary steps we take to heal the wounds and find the place in our hearts and the words to speak as a way to forgive…..God will be with us….as he was with Mary…..always.

He assured us, that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE….even when we are not sure of what to do. As we push our own WANTS aside, and trust in HIM, He gives us what we NEED.


Following the homily, Lisa turned to me and said, “I think He wanted me here! I think HE was talking to me!! VERY FUNNY!!


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