Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014 – St. Paul Parish – Greenwich, CT

Lisa and Liz……got lost….who knew there is a Sherwood Rd and Sherwood Ave in Greenwich…no where near each other!

Lisa and I went and met Liz there. Sun was starting to set early!

Boy Scout selling wreaths…some regrets that my boys never did Boy Scouts..not big regrets, but a little. The girls did Girl Scouts but not for long either. It was fun while I did it with Karen. Camping with the 10 girls or so. I was pretty much there for the ride…she did much of the creative work!! It was fun though.

Inside the church was nice…rounded walls, curves, very welcoming. Third week of Advent already!

Did not get much out of the Mass…I think my mind was preoccupied with getting ready for the Christmas season and having 7 more days of school to get through until the break!!

I can’t wait!!
Just being honest!


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