Sunday, December 14, 2014 – St. Jude Parish – Monroe, CT

So PRETTY!! The church had various angles that allowed light to come through beautiful low square stained glass windows. The altar’s backdrop was stone. Gorgeous to look at! The rounded-ness of the actual pews made you feel welcome and included.
The priest spoke about preparing during this Advent period and highlighted the fact that there was only one more week until Christmas. It came so quickly, or at least felt so quickly, and my tour is almost over!! WOW!

The priest focused on Confession. I am not one to go to confession, but I get his point. We need to clear out and come to a place of peace and openness in order to receive all the blessings God has in store for us. I get it, but I just don’t see the need to tell the priest. My God knows where I am, what I have been doing or not doing, what I have been saying or not saying, etc. I am not sure that I need the “middle man”; however, if I am really honest with myself, often it does feel better to “confess” something to a friend. Things become more real when they are said out loud, and then as a result, it feels more authentic. The reality is, though, when I “confess” to a friend, it is usually over cocktails!!

The priest was very sweet and talked about a service they will be having and offering confession with other local priests coming in. He acknowledged the fact that many people often feel uncomfortable talking to a priest they know. He seemed very humble and honest and real with the people he serves in the parish. He seemed to have a handle on it. Still didn’t make me want to run to confession though….it is just my hang-up about it!

After Mass, Liz shared a story about an author who uses the analogy of going to Confession is like clearing out your car. All those little things pile up and before you know it the car is cluttered and the piles need to be gone through and cleaned out before you can bring the good stuff home in your car! Nothing bad has happened, nothing terrible…just the day to day stuff, not always dealt with, becomes a cluttered space that requires someone to do something to make it right again. I get that analogy. Kind of concrete enough for me.

True Confession time…….I know I should go to Confession, just not convinced to go this year. Maybe next year I will!


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