Sunday, December 21, 2014 – St. Edward the Confessor Parish – New Fairfield, CT

Liz, Mom and I left Norwalk at 6:30am to get to New Fairfield for 7:30 Mass and I am glad we did!!
The reading was obviously the same as last night, but the priest took a whole different spin on it.
He talked about Mary saying YES without knowing the path or journey she would be on. This whole sermon was about putting our own fears aside, taking the leap of faith and saying YES to whatever God puts in our path…because with God all things are possible!

The priest talked about his own YES to the calling and the unknown path he would be on once he was ordained. And he talked about marriage as a path of the unknown. He talked about an old woman who spoke of a long marriage. She had said, “I didn’t know what we would face together, but I knew I wanted to face it all with him.”

His example made me think of all the opportunities that come up and we have a choice…..stay in a place of fear or unknown and not do something and miss that opportunity OR say YES and see what happens!

I have definitely lived my life of saying YES. I can’t be sure it was God’s voice who has talked to me, but I always have known I am surrounded by angels (I call them “my girls”) who have placed hundreds of very cool opportunities in front of me…..and nudged me to take the path of YES…..

Yes – I will marry Vinnie, YES I will go back to school, YES I will go to that workshop that might lead me to administration, YES I will have 4 children, YES I will be an exchange student (when I was 15), Yes I will go to Haiti on a mission trip, YES I will go to World Youth Day with Steph, YES I will go with Christine to China to get her daughter, YES I will visit every church in the diocese…..the list goes on FOREVER…..I have said YES a lot to the crazy ideas that have come to me either through God, through my angels, and through people who have been put in places along my journey to guide me to the opportunities that are out there to live a full and rich life.

I do believe God opens up opportunities through others….and you have a choice to say NO THANK YOU or YES!! The YES, even when there is no clear path about where it will lead you….is usually the one that provides and experience that helps you grow. I know it has for me….and those experiences seem to come to me, just at the right time when I need to grow.
Funny, they are not always the opportunities or experiences I WANT, but they are what I NEED.
Again, with God, all things are possible.

Today in church I realized that a student gave me a keychain, that I hold all my car and house keys on that says that very scripture!! No coincidence, I guess!!

Of course…..Danny met the three of us at Elmer’s Diner in Danbury!! Delicious! With God…even corned beef in every diner is possible!!


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