Sunday, December 21, 2014 – St. George Parish – Bridgeport, CT

Twelve o’clock mass was supposed to be a LITHUANIAN Mass…I even confirmed it by phone with the parish office yesterday………well, I went by myself and not a word in Lithuanian was spoken; only English! The nun singing a cappella, however, had a beautiful, soulful voice! Gorgeous!!

This priest added yet another twist to the Nothing is impossible with God idea….He added another layer. His message was………..Nothing is impossible. God gives us what we need, for our salvation!! That is a much bigger kind of commitment…not just a job, or a car, or the type of pizza we want, but rather…..what we need for our salvation! That is a big deal!

And, he added, we lift our petitions to our Lord, humbly, since He is the One who really knows what we NEED for our salvation and the salvation of others. We are a part of His Plan, but it is an ongoing relationship of LOVE.

He reminded us that Christmas is a celebration of receiving Jesus – God in Man Form!! They are the same and when we speak of Christ, we speak of God. They are the same “being”.

The priest seemed so down to earth and pragmatic in the approach to God’s relationship with each of us. He wants the best for each of us…and that being so, HE will always provide what we NEED – whether we know it or not!!

As I sat there, the weekend started coming to me in a few ways.

1. On Friday night, two colleagues asked about my next year’s New Year’s Resolution. I told them I did not know, but in truth, there was a seed planted in me two years ago that I have been ignoring, kind of.
2. At the Memorial service, Fr. Gomez talked about our purpose is to bring JOY to everyone all the time!
3. The theme of saying YES ran throughout the other masses this weekend as a means of providing something for ourselves and others without knowing what the outcome will be. Faith and trust are critical.

So …on top of my 2 things I NEED to complete for myself (Finish reading the Bible and Finish the rest of the hikes I have left in a book called “50 Best Hikes in CT”)…..I am thinking about doing something a bit out of my comfort zone. For each of the 52 weeks of the year, I will do something for someone else that corresponds to the actual week….i.e Week 1 – I will do one thing, Week 2 – I will do 2 things or provide 2 things or reach out to 2 people, Week 3 – I will do 3 things or provide 3 things or reach out to 3 people with something they need or might enjoy, etc…..could be interesting!

I will start thinking about the list of possibilities and opportunities!

Could be fun!!! A little bit of the spirit of Christmas, of bringing Joy to others, throughout the year!


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