Saturday, December 27, 2014 – St. Joseph Parish – Brookfield, CT

Liz, Lisa and I went off for an early Mass in Brookfield this morning. I actually was thinking it was Sunday and was confused when there were only about 3 cars in the parking lot.
As we entered the church, the priest let us know that only a small part of the altar is used for the daily masses. That made sense since there were only about 14 people total for Mass. It was a beautiful one though!

I enjoyed the sermon, which we later found out was Fr. O’Neil who said it. He talked about Faith as being the place where God’s reach meets our need. He went on about how God knows our true needs (not the ones we believe are our needs) and that when the time comes, His reach comes to us to meet us at the right moment of need. Kind of a cool concept. The image is a powerful one for me….makes me think of all those times where I thought I might be “falling” down in something (physically, emotionally, professionally, personally, etc) and yet then felt somehow that I was pulled back up and everything became right again. The image he gave me made sense…God’s hand (either through His actual energy or someone else’s hand physically) met me at the right moment and put me back on course for something else…a new opportunity, a different opportunity, an unknown need that became clearer for me…..just something else.

At the end of Mass, Fr. O’Neil and the participants in the Mass said a prayer of Adoration. It was lovely….with a few changes in the words it becomes hard to know who is “adoring” who….Us adoring God or God adoring each one of us:

An Act of Adoration

O, Jesus, my God and my Creator,
I adore you because from Your hand I came.
With you I am to be happy forever.
Dear Jesus, I love You with all my heart.
You know that I wish to love You more and more each day.
Receive my poor offering You give Yourself to me;
Let me give myself to You.
I give You my body that I may be chaste and pure.
I give You my soul that I may be free from sin.
I give You my heart that I may always love You.
I give You every breath that I shall breathe and especially my Last.
I give You myself in life and in death that I may be Yours forever and ever. Amen.

O, “Debi”, my Child and my Creation,
I adore you because from My hand you came.
With Me, you are to be happy forever.
Dear “Debi” I love you with all My heart.
You know that I wish to love you more and more each day.
Receive my offering and let Me give you myself:
Let Me give myself to you. I gave you My body so that you may be chaste and pure.
I gave you My soul so that you may be free from sin.
I gave you My heart so that you may always love Me.
I gave you My breath so that you shall breathe in Me, and especially in your last.
I gave you Myself in life and in My death so that you will be with Me forever and ever. Amen.

After Mass ending, Fr. O’Neil met the 3 of us in the back, introduced himself to us and gave us each a prayer card with the Adoration Prayer. It was very sweet of him. I felt very welcomed in this church!!

Then, of course, the three of us met Liz’s friend and daughter at Rickyl’s Diner….for corned beef hash!! Delicious!


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