Sunday, December 28, 2014 – Notre Dame Nursing Home – Norwalk, CT

Mass this morning was being said for Ed Foley, Aunt Ann’s husband, at the nursing home. Sr. Lucy and Sr. Francis had let us know, so several of us all went. Mom and Dad and Aunt Ann, Lisa, Leslie and Russell, Liz, me and Vinnie, Stephanie, Melissa, Ryan and Chad all were there. Fr. Franz was the priest, which was just an added bonus!!

As I sat and stood there listening to the patients grunt and sneeze, watching them twist in their wheelchairs, or call out “Who put the sticks in the back yard?” at the time when the priest is holding the Eucharist high, I couldn’t help but think of how much love has passed through the cement walls and wooden pews in that little chapel over the years.

The Mass was said for a man who had never spent time in that building and wouldn’t know Fr. Franz if he met him on the street, but that did not diminish the fact that we are all connected in the presence of God. For the forty-five minutes the Mass was being said, it felt like Eddie was clearly in the room.

There is a powerful link that strings through each individual that holds us all together. That string felt tangible this morning in that little chapel.


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