Friday, Jan. 2, 2015 – St. Mary’s Church – Norwalk, CT

I have been in this church dozens of times and today the mass was downstairs in the chapel. I had only been there about 18 months ago for a mass for Vinnie’s Dad. The chapel is called St. Patrick’s Chapel.

In that chapel on the second day of 2015, was me and about 50 other people!! It was an eclectic group of people: some wore suits, some wore dresses and skirts, some wore veils on their heads and held rosary beads throughout the mass. There were two little girls with Down’s Syndrome who seemed to know each other…waving as they went up to communion! So sincere, authentic, and sweet!

The priest said most of the mass with his back turned to the crowd.

When communion came, some of us took the Eucharist the typical way I am used to. Two lines up to the priest, the host goes into our hands and we eat the body of Christ. However, there was at least half of the people who waited to take communion by mouth, kneeling at the railings at the altar…….very traditional (throw back!!). The songs were then sung in Latin and the mass ended. BUT, then there were a litany of prayers that were said and it seemed like everybody, except me, knew them!!

In a strange way, it was beautiful and I felt like I was a visitor in a far away land. So interesting….and I thought to myself…….Hmmm, this happens every morning right here in Norwalk…who knew??


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