Sunday, Jan. 24, 2015 – St. Timothy Chapel – Greenwich, CT

I had been saving this one in hope of hitting a Korean Mass, but when I called to confirm when that mass might be…the recording did not give a listing for it. So, Liz and Lisa and I journeyed off to the final Church on my tour!

It was cold and kind of snowing, but tucked in a little corner of the world was a cute little chapel with a priest Lisa knew!!
Such a nice mass, but I don’t remember anything in particular that made me feel at peace. It was just nice to stand in the quiet place realizing that I had accomplished a goal I set out for this year as my New Year’s Resolution. I had completed it with Lisa and Liz…the two who came to so many of the masses with me. It is good friends that carry you towards what your goals are…that was so clear to me.

When I got the pictures done of this little chapel, lo and behold, there was a perfect clear orb over the altar…..a spirit. A holy spirit, no doubt. The presence of the holy spirit was obvious in this little chapel and there it was in my photo!
We spoke to the priest after mass. Lisa caught him up to speed and we shared why we were there. He was genuinely excited for us, which was so cool!

SO……the tour is over. All 85 churches completed.
I have to say it was one of my cooler New Year’s resolutions….Over the years:
I have walked every street in Norwalk.
I have visited every winery in CT
I have spent a year calling people randomly throughout the country whenever they popped into my head (that was a great year!!!)
I have met up with Clyna once a month (we liked that so much, we have done it for 2 years!)
I have kept track of every book I have read for 2012, 2013, and 2014
I am still on page 500+ of the Bible I started to read 2 years ago
But….I still don’t exercise everyday like I promised so many times on Jan. 1st over the years……but I have to say……I thoroughly enjoyed this journey this year! What made it even more special was that I did it with people I love deeply!!

THANK YOU Everyone who joined me at some point during the 2014 CHURCH TOUR!!


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