Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015 – Blessed Sacrament Parish – Bridgeport, CT

So…..I left Our Lady of Good Council Chapel kind of sad and disheartened and went to Duchess to wait for my friends to be joining me for mass at Blessed Sacrament. Liz, Wendy, Pam and Leslie were meeting me there!
What a bonus when we realized the BISHOP was meeting us there as well!!!

I specifically chose this mass because it was a Gospel Choir and I hadn’t been to a Catholic Church yet with a Gospel Choir so I thought it would be fun and so did the other four. As we sat down in our pew we realized something else was happening. People were scurrying about and it seemed like something out of the normal routine was going to be happening at this mass. We were right! Out came Bishop Caggiano to talk to the people!

I so wished Lisa would have been able to be with us!!!

So the mass went on and his message was lovely…”Love more courageously, Love more gently, and Love more fully”. What a beautiful way of heading into 2015.

I thought of all the times I have been afraid to LOVE courageously or gently or fully. What if I didn’t have the right words to say? What if I am misunderstood? What if I get emotional? What if I don’t really mean it?

His message was simple……who cares?? Just do it……love courageously, gently and fully…I truly am going to try to do this through my actions (because I usually just cry when I try to say it)…..maybe writing it or acting it will be better for me……..
He left us with the thought of what kind of world would this be if EVERYONE loved more courageously, more gently and more fully……perhaps it would be the type of world Jesus was trying to create. We have been sent to do his work courageously, gently and fully.

So happy that the added bonus of being with 4 of my best friends, with a Gospel Choir, was enhanced by the presence of Bishop Caggiano’s loving message.

Good words to live by!


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