Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015 – Our Lady of Good Council Chapel – Bridgeport, CT

I spent the night up at the lake house in Waterbury alone. It was peaceful and relaxing. My morning plans were to hit 2 of my final 3 churches to complete my 2014 Church Tour!

I was excited to head off to Our Lady of Good Council Chapel alone and then the plan was to meet some friends for mass at Blessed Sacrament for the 84th church!

The morning was dreary as I left for mass.

When I got there, there was only me and one other Spanish gentleman parked along the curb. There were no lights, no people, no welcoming feeling. I thought I was early, so I waited. A few minutes later, the man approached the church doors. They were locked.

He came back towards my car. He told me, in broken English, “There must be no mass today. The oil burner must still be broken.”

I was so sad!! How sad that with all the money I have seen in so many churches throughout this diocese that the people in this area (which seemed pretty poor) would not be able to attend church today because of a broken boiler! How long has this boiler been broken and when will it be fixed???

It kind of pissed me off to be honest.

There should be some kind of contingency plan or something so that this type of issue could be cleared up and the people of this neighborhood, who likely do not have the means to travel around looking for a church to go to today, would be able to go to their neighborhood church!

I have to be honest…I was a bit disappointed in my faith community this morning….not because I couldn’t visit this church, but because the people of this neighborhood could not go to their church today! It made me sad.

Maybe I will make it back there someday and my faith will be lifted again in the people of my diocese!


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