Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 – St. Paul Episcopal Church – Norwalk, CT

I went to the Burning Bowl Ceremony again this year. It is always a cool way to end the year. I listed all the things that burden me, then throw them into the fire on my way out the door to great a new year. I have big hopes and dreams for 2015….sell my house, make plans to let go of Norwalk (physically, but never emotionally!!) and put myself, Vinnie, and our kids onto a new path for our future. “Letting go” seemed to be the theme of 2014 and as I talked about letting things go throughout the year, it is becoming easier to “let go” and now “look forward”!

I am excited for 2015…I have high hopes for it….I will finish my 2014 New Year’s Resolution, I will go to Guatemala to dedicate the Donald F. Reid Memorial School, and I will put my house on the market and hopefully celebrate a new owner who will love this house as much as I do. I will also welcome a new Superintendent and a new Assistant Principal. I have so many good things to look forward to!!


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