IN 2014 I began to blog about my BODY AND SOUL Church Tour! I visited all 85 churches in the Bridgeport Diocese and blogged about it! It was an amazing journey for me! I also learned a lot about myself….and tried to capture that journey in my reflections.

2015 and 2016 came and went….YES, I did many things…but I realize life kind of has a way of coming and going….and often many moments are not intentionally sought out, but rather just appear and then are gone.

This past October, I had Columbus Day off for the first time ever! A very dear local family held their annual fundraiser at the local golf course. For the first time I was able to head over there in the morning and be there for the whole day, not just show up at 3pm when the school day was over. I decided to walk there. On that hour long walk I had time to clear my mind of the many events that floated through my head….this past year I became a grandmother, retired, began a new job, had my youngest child graduate and move into a new career. All of my children were “settled” and beginning new journeys in life. In addition other family members experienced life’s ups and downs that affected me as various emotions flew in all different directions sometimes. There were some good, bad, and neutral moments and we all lived them together as they came and went. Overall, there were so many incredible moments.

It was on that chilly October walk that I realized something. I was 53 years old and had NEVER been ON A GOLF COURSE even though I had spent my whole life within a 7 mile radius of one!! Yes, I had driven a golf cart, but never on a golf course! NO…I did not want to play golf. I actually have no interest in it, but I did wonder how many other things I have NOT done in my life. I have devoted my life to “trying everything”, “challenging myself” at every possible moment, and creating “opportunities for new experiences”!! Yet, I had never been on a golf course! Such a trivial thing, but a missed experience!

So….I have been thinking about this and then yesterday Vinnie showed me a video on Facebook where the man is talking about “Dying without ever really living”. I took that as my sign and have made the commitment to LIVE INTENTIONALLY…..Every week I will actively seek out something new to experience…something I have never done before….and blog about it! By 2018 I will have experienced a minimum of 53 new moments in time that will help me to live intentionally!

I will do these things alone or with friends and family. I will look for those opportunities that are all around me, to experience them, to capture them and reflect on them. Perhaps my colleagues, or book club, or yoga group, my children, siblings, and/or strangers will experience the moments with me!

I encourage you to do it with me….find your own experiences that the world offers to us everyday!

Here are a few of my thoughts of what things I just might do!
“Camp out” in my front yard
Sleep on a boat under the stars
Drive or ride in an 18 wheeler
Shoot a gun
Tie a stranger’s shoe
Or better yet….give my own shoes to a stranger!
Drop off cookies to a Fire Station to thank them!
Crash a party…where I know no one
Buy a one-way ticket
Go to a new carnival or festival – spur of the moment!
Spend an entire day in bed…just watching movies

The list is truly endless! I have no idea if I will do these things or other things, but I will actively search for new opportunities that will help me to LIVE INTENTIONALLY!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017….I am looking forward to LIVING INTENTIONALLY!


One thought on “READY TO KICK OFF MY 2017 New Year’s Resolution……LIVING INTENTIONALLY!!!

  1. Thanks for keeping me on the list. Love reading your blog. It brings reality to life.

    Happy Holidays to you and the family! Miss your parties 🎉!!

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