The day after I announced my NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION for 2017, my daughter gave me John Maxwell’s book, Intentional Living: Choosing a Life that Matters, to read. SO I DID!!! Of course I loved it…..just finished it. The book gave me lots of things to think about. The book is about living a life that is significant because it has been lived intentionally. For me this year, I hadn’t really thought about doing things for the sake of significance, I just wanted to do things I have never done before. However, Mr. Maxwell did get me thinking! I know I am sharing my journey so that I will be held accountable (to myself!), but maybe it is also meant to inspire others along the way to join me in experiencing life in some ordinary ways.

I guess deep down, perhaps there is a more significant reason for me to publish my journey of experiences on this blog. The reality is that we have no guarantee that tomorrow will be there for any of us, never mind next week or next year, so the business of living should be kind of intentional and it should be lived to the fullest! If nothing else, I do truly pray that I have passed the message of taking advantage of each day to accomplish something new along to my children, at a minimum, and maybe in a broader sense I have helped to inspire others to do something new along the journey of their own lives.

In Intentional Living, on page 226, Mr. Maxwell writes about “possessing an abundance mindset” as opposed to a “scarcity mindset”. He claims there are people who live a life afraid that what they may need might not come along again so they tend to hold back and are reluctant to give freely to make a significant impact on others or for themselves. Those people would have a “scarcity mindset”. He makes the statement that they need to keep a piece of the pie because there might not be another pie. However, the “abundance mindset” is a completely opposite way of living. This mindset allows you to simply rely on the fact that the universe will “bake you another pie” and you will ultimately have what you need. The Universe is a constant resource to you. I liked this part of the book. It rang true to me. As I thought about it, I do believe that “the Universe” has always known what I needed. It may not have always been what I thought I needed, but when I looked back on the chain of events that got me to a certain destination or to a certain point along the way or to a new opportunity, I realize that a person, an event, or a previous opportunity suddenly made sense, even though I may have cried a few tears along the way. It often isn’t until the “looking back” part that it became “ABUNDANTLY CLEAR” to me that there was a path or a door that needed to be cleared for me to walk through. And the Universe gave me the resources to see the path or the door.

So 2017 will begin tomorrow! And, this thought of Abundance has been hanging around in my head. I decided that I will start today to pass along the “abundance” I have to someone I don’t really know in hopes that the receiver will live a life with an “abundance mindset”. Hopefully, my actions will open a door or clear a path of some kind for him or her.

This morning, Saturday, Dec. 31, 2016, on the morning of the day before the new year, I went out to breakfast with Kali and Barb to a diner we often go to. For 20 years we have taken life’s journey together and have stopped to “catch up over breakfast” a couple of times per year! This morning I decided today would be a little bit different. This was the morning my New Year’s Resolution would begin!

I decided to leave a much bigger tip than normal…something I have never done! I decided that if I truly blessed someone with a little taste of “abundance”, the Universe will continue to bless me (and hopefully that person) with a year full of “abundance”.

After laughing and eating for about an hour we had caught up on each other’s lives and the lives of the people we have known throughout the year. All was good. I asked them if they had seen my New Year’s Resolution (They have lived through my “street walking days”, my Winery Tour, my Church Tour, and so many others!). Of course they saw my blog! SO…I told them what my first NEW THING would be and the fact that they were on my journey with me!!

Immediately after our bill of $34.00 had been placed on our table, I pulled out a note wrapped around a $100 tip for our waitress! The note read “MAY YOU BE BLESSED ABUNDANTLY THIS YEAR! HAPPY 2017! Kali and Barb LOVED the idea!

The big debate came as to whether we leave it on the table and walk away or hand it to our waitress on the way out the door. We decided to hand it to her and we left. I wish we could have stayed to see her face, but that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to have faith in the abundance we gave her as a blessing as she rings in the New Year of 2017!

What a fun way to start off 2017!


3 thoughts on “SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2016 “THE BIG TIP”

  1. I love this! You are such an inspiration! I left a $100 tip once – but it was very much UNintentional and I was none too happy about it!! A few too many drinks = poor math but happy waiters! I look forward to joining you on some of your new adventures. Happy 2017!


  2. Happy New Year Debi! Loved your first entry and can’t wait to read more. So inspiring! It was wonderful that Kali and Barb could be there to share in your first “new thing”. You are remarkable!! I am excited to take this journey with you thru this blog. XO


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