Jan. 7, 2017 – DAY 6 of the 21 DAY FIX – DONE!!

JAN. 7, 2017 – DAY 6 of the 21 Day Fix – DONE!

I don’t have a beach body yet….but in 21 days it is almost a guarantee…make that only 15 more days because today, Day 6, is DONE!

I am a very proud “LIFE TIME STATUS” Weight Watcher member!  Thirty years ago, I got the pin to prove it! Vinnie even sent me flowers. Back in 1986, I had gained 18 pounds in 18 months after my wedding day in 1985. My jeans didn’t fit, but it didn’t seem so bad! It was only one pound per month and that didn’t sound horrible. After all I was happy!  Then I did the math! At a rate of one pound per month for the next 25 years I realized I would  weigh 428 pounds on my 25th wedding anniversary!  So off to Weight Watchers I went.

Since that proud accomplishment so many years ago, on and off, I have counted points, weighed my food, and wrote down every morsel. I have followed the Grapefruit Diet, The Banana Diet, the NO CARB Diet, and the high protein/low fat diet.  And yes, in 2014, I was hypnotized for weight loss and it worked. I actually loved it and felt the change in my body almost immediately until I fell back into the wine barrel!

Yes, I have borrowed books from the Norwalk Library called GOD’s DIET, THE CAVEMAN DIET, and NO WHITE AT NIGHT. There are diets that say no fruit or no bread or no alcohol (I never tried that one!). There are diets that say to eat pasta on Monday and Friday, potatoes on Tuesday and Saturday, and a piece of toast on Sunday and Thursday. I guess Wednesdays are a free for all or at least that is how I interpreted the directions!

No matter what diet I have been on over the years, they always strongly suggested to seek medical advice before starting any strenuous exercise! But, since I don’t go to the doctor’s very often, I could not start a rigorous workout regime! Over the years, I have done a little walking and even a few leg lifts from time to time!

Following those few random leg lifts, I knew I should give my muscles time to repair themselves between workouts. That is what I was told at Women’s Fitness in 1986, step aerobics classes in 1989, the three classes of Zumba that I attended back in 2012, Planet Fitness in 2013, and the ads that pop up on my Facebook page!  I know how to take care of this body for sure!! Until Jan. 2, 2017,  I had given myself a 3 year hiatus from exercise.

So, in early December, after being once again, totally out of control with the food and drink, I told my daughter, Stephanie (a true Beach Body Coach) that I was ready to commit! I guess she took me seriously because for Christmas I received BEACHBODYONDEMAND.com.  Holy Cow…a personal workout trainer can now show up at my house at 5am every day of the week!!   How lucky am I??!

Bright and early on Jan. 2, 2017, I met Autumn Calabrese. She was perky, cute, excited to be there – fitting on my laptop screen! She introduced me to the TOTAL BODY WORKOUT. What she did not make clear to me was that I would be doing a different work out everyday with her. I thought we would just get to know each other with the same workout every day. It wasn’t until yesterday (DAY 5!) that Stephanie informed me that I had to do the UPPER BODY and LOWER BODY and all the other parts of the body following a certain calendar! UGH!!…More workout rules!

SO here I am today…completed Day 6 with the UPPER BODY workout (although I watch KAT on the video – she is the one not wearing a sports bra…she wears the full body coverup and moves a lot slower than Autumn and her other friends) and I am back to measuring my food – just like my old Weight Watcher days – and keeping a food journal!

I have always said “I am not a morning exercise kind of girl. I need to ease into my day”. And God knows, a “beach body” is far out of my reach, but it is a new year and I am doing something I have never done before! For the past 6 days, and at least 15 more, I am INTENTIONALLY getting up at 5am, climbing out of bed to the shut off the alarm, and grabbing my laptop instead of climbing back into bed!

You may not recognize me at the end of my 21 Day FIX, but at least I will know that I have done something I have never done before. I have exercised for SIX days in a row so far….that is a record for me!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me, and Amber, as we work out together at 5am for the next 15 days!

And…as a side note, my efforts were confirmed when I saw Oprah showing back up on TV boasting about weighing and measuring her food for Weight Watchers again. If Oprah can make a new commitment to weight loss and healthy exercise in 2017, so can I!!

Enjoy your week!


PS – That is Autumn in the photo above….not me!!!






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