Tuesday, March 21, 2017 – A New Perspective via Wave Runner!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 – A New Perspective via Wave Runner!

Sometimes it takes a Barefoot Billy’s 2 hour Jet Ski Tour around Key West to force you to reconsider your perspectives.  When you intentionally choose to see something from a very different angle, you have to think about the perspectives you have been complacent with and the lessons you think about that may actually apply to a new situation. Here are a few examples:

First, the guide  who was with us said, “Hang tight, Don’t let up on the gas, It’s going to be rough, but then it will get better”. I tried to remember this as we flew and bounced around next to a cruise ship parked at Mallory Square, but all I could think of was, “HOLY CRAP!” I tried to keep my eyes off the black base of that massive ship only 15 feet away, but I felt like a firefly drawn to a light. I tried to keep my eyes straight ahead and my hand on the throttle, but I kept flinching with every bounce….. “hang tight, don’t let up on the gas, it’s going to be rough, but then it will get better”….there it was! That little voice in my head starting to drown out the words from my mouth; a lower-case “holy crap!”  Once we got through it, we killed the engines and he said, “GREAT JOB! You handled that part beautifully!” That 30 year old, who I had only met 30 minutes ago, made me feel proud.  The first lesson was not lost on me. I will have to remember that when life gets a little tough….”hang tight, don’t let up on the gas, it’s going to be rough, but it will get better!” Then, once the rough part is over, if no one else is there to say it, it is OK to say to yourself “Great job. You handled that part beautifully!

Second, sometimes we can start to think (or maybe it is just me??) that life revolves around us. We sometimes see our problems or challenges as bigger than they really are. They become our universe! However, when you are on a wave runner out in the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, you are reminded how vast the ocean and universe really are. In fact we are tiny and our problems are even smaller than us! We are really in control many things in our life, but only a very tiny part of our world. You also realize that the ocean and all the creatures take care of themselves. They instinctively know what is right for them, where they should go and be, what their basic needs are, and how to keep themselves safe. We, or maybe it is just me again, don’t always trust our instincts when we are faced with challenges in the world. We were meant to be a small, but very important part of this vast universe! The second lesson is to trust that there is plan for each of us and each of us is an important piece of another’s plan. We are all connected.

Third, when I asked him “Is it possible that I could flip this thing?”, the guide’s answer was….”YES, if you go too slow and both of you lean over too far in the same direction. SO, go fast, stay above the waves, and balance each other out!” That sure is a lesson for life! If things get stagnant and you go too slow, and the individuals lean over too far as you go nowhere, I can imagine the collapse will be inevitable! We all need people who will balance us out and keep us going at a pace that will help up stay above the waves! It is important to find these people and take the ride in life with them.

The fourth lesson was one of calmness. When the view becomes breathtaking, step off the wave runner and step onto the sandbars to enjoy the sights! To get to the sandbars you may have to stay flexible, stay determined, and look forward to see where you are going. But, when you get there, stop the ride of life, enjoy the success and the views around you, and then take the time to re-assess your plan. Then get back on the ride and continue on.

Fifth, when we were riding through the Mangrove trees, I couldn’t help but think about the roots that stabilize the entire tree and yet still filter the waters to create the outcome of beautiful green/blue waters. It was so peaceful and calm going through the Mangrove trees…simply breath-taking. I could only hope that as a mother, I have created the same stabilizing roots for my family while still allowing each of my children to become the beautiful individuals they were meant to be! And as a mother, who laid the roots, my breath is often taken away when I see the talented adults they are becoming!

And finally, the sixth lesson here was one of going full circle. When we started the ski jet tour, I knew we would go in a circle and end up where we started. What I didn’t realize at first was that I would come back and hook up to the same buoy we left from, but I would be a little bit different. I returned to that sandy white beach with a new perspective; a clearer mind. Yes, a little saltier too! I was “seasoned” (and humbled) by this new experience!



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