Saturday, April 1, 2017 – Glass Blowing!

Saturday, April 1, 2017 – Glass Blowing!

I love the fact that two very dear friends can call me about 5 days apart and say, “Here is something you haven’t done before!! And I want to do it with you!!”   They were absolutely correct. I had never gone glass blowing before! So we used the Groupon voucher and 4 of us went to Fairfield, to The Hot Spot,  to blow our own handmade glass……  Liz and Sharon chose the tumblers and Kali and I chose a wine glass. All 4 came out beautifully. Mine is a little lopsided, but I love it anyhow!

I have to say, I was just as blown away  (pun intended!) when I walked into the converted garage and watched the two men spin the metal pipe with the orange glowing blob as I was when I was about 10 years old and saw glass, for the first time, being blown in a “colonial town” in Virginia. I could have stayed all day way back then and I  could have stayed watching all day on April 1st. It is simply amazing to me that this “ancient” art style is still being done in a little shop about 10 miles away from my house. The only thing different between the two moments in time was that my “instructor” had to stop to fix an error with a swiped credit card on his cell phone. He left me in charge of carefully rolling the metal pipe in smooth, rhythmic waves. (That is probably when the lopsidedness occurred!). Talk about two worlds colliding! The ironic twist of the ancient technology and the modern technology, all in one small space, wasn’t lost on me!

I got to go first. I chose my colors and followed the instructor to the fire pit of molten glass glowing and giving off the heat of over 2000 degrees! He dipped the pipe and took out a glob. He rolled it into the colors and walked me back to the fire. I held the pole. After a few moments it was time to blow!! (Insert all the jokes you want right here!). I sat on the cement block and he explained, “Go easy at first, keep up with the pole,  and blow steady.” I tried my best to keep a clean mind and concentrate as the pole knocked against my teeth, but I heard, “Nice job! You can blow a little harder!” So I did. We repeated the process a couple of times and then it was time to transfer the glass to a different pole and from the opposite end. I held the pole steady as he connected another small glob to the bottom. The glass globe was formed and now it was time to open the top of the glass. The top edge was heated and he used a tool like pliers to open the mouth of the glass! So exciting to watch my glass emerge!

When mine was done, the instructor disconnected the pole and carefully placed my new glass into the cooler to cool down slowly so it wouldn’t break! Sharon volunteered to pick them up the next day.

I was mesmerized while I watched Kali, then Sharon, then Liz experience the same thing I had just experienced and I couldn’t wait to see it all done! For the first time, I, along side my good friends, had made my own wine glass!

On Monday, April 10th, Sharon, Kali and I met to “break our new glasses in”. So with good friends, great laughs and a shared new experience, we drank a little wine from the glasses we made together at The Hot Spot!






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