Tuesday, May 9, 2017 – Dan, Dan, The Optimum Man!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 – Dan, Dan, The Optimum Man!

When I started this journey, one of my items on my lists of “things I have never done” was to crash a party! Last night, I did not do the crashing, but instead we were the receivers of a party crasher!

We call our book club “Reading Between the Wines” and last night we met at Pam’s house. We were in a deep and exciting conversation about the book “Thirteen Reasons Why”. The topic of the book and Netflix movie is a challenging one. One that has pros and cons, highs and lows, emotions you can connect to and actions you can’t imagine. Every one of us around the living room table was fully engaged in the conversation. We were exploring our various points of view and talking about all the “what if’s” in life that might lead someone to end their life and what statements or actions may save a person from that decision on any given day. It was a great conversation!

When mid-conversation there was a knock on the door, none of us missed a beat. Staying exactly where we all were, a few of us just yelled, “Come on in!”. Imagine our surprise when in came a man! He was not a stripper, as someone suggested. He was not a husband or son or brother to any of us! He, in fact, came in with his cap, lanyard with his ID badge stating his name as “DAN”, and a clipboard! His face was priceless when he realized he was now inside a living room with 11 women completely engaged in a conversation about a book he never heard of! He had inadvertently crashed our party!!

Dan, Dan, the Optimum Man was just there, going door to door, to sell us a new cable package. He had information he wanted to share with us so that we could become new members of the Optimum Family. He explained that there were no great deals for any of us who were already loyal customers.  And it was Liz, a forever kind friend, who did take his little flier and said that she might look into it!

We all had a great laugh and I asked Dan if I could have his picture for my blog! We, as a book club, had never had a stranger walk into our party, then end up staying to give us a little sales pitch! I told him about “my blog of firsts” and that he would forever be a story in our “Reading Between the Wines” journal. At that point, Dan wanted the website address so he could read my blog once I wrote it.

So, Dan, Dan, the Optimum Man, I hope you read this and I want to thank you for joining our party and being such a good sport about it! Perhaps you will tell this story with a smile. I know we will all remember it with one!



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