May 27, 2017 – Beavers, Ticks, and LOST CHILDREN….OH, MY!

May 27, 2017 – Beavers, Ticks, and LOST CHILDREN….OH, MY!

It started out so simple. Vinnie and I were going to 4pm Mass and Mark and Barbara and the girls were going to Home Depot. We left, went to Mass, and prayed for everyone!

We returned to the lake house at 4:50pm and Mark was at the car. Trunk and driver’s door open. I asked if he was back already. I was a bit confused. He told me, “NO, the girls are lost in the woods and he had to go get Barb and the dogs, and then go get the girls. He wasn’t too worried because he knew the GPS had located them. He just had to drive about 4 miles away to pick them up “on the North end of the lake”.

With no real worries, Vinnie and I poured a drink and went to sit on the porch. At 5:45pm when they weren’t back yet, I called Barb.
“Do you have the girls?”  – – – “No”

“Are you ok?” – – – – “NO”

When we mentioned calling the police to each other, her voice got shaky. She told me….”We know where they are, we just can’t get to them.”

I asked her if she wanted us to come help and her immediate answer was “YES!”

So we did. We left the drinks on the table, jumped in the car and headed to Greystone Rd. We found Barb and headed into the woods. Mark was already around the dam and heading towards the girls. Vinnie, Barb and I went into the woods and called “Sarah”. The girls answered from straight ahead, Mark answered from the left and Barb headed off to the right.

Vinnie flicked a tick off my left breast as it crawled across my shirt!

This was a first!! Two lost girls who we could hear…we just couldn’t get to them. The swamp land between us all seemed impossible to cross.

Vinnie and I stayed put and we called out every couple of minutes so that we could all find each other. In 45 more minutes, we were all united. It was 6:30 and the girls were with Mark. It took another 30 minutes or so to meet up with them…down near a defunct dam, where we saw our first beaver pushing a log into the swamp that Mark and Barbara had just trudged through! But…we had the girls and everyone was safe!

At about 7:30pm we were back home. Liz was on the porch taking good care of the full drinks we had left there in a hurry and a second beaver (the first I had ever seen in our lake!) flipped over and swam away from our dock!

Standing on the porch, we all itched and sighed a big sigh of relief! We were all safe and home and carried with us…. ticks!!

Mark went in the shower first, Barb went in with him to do a TICK CHECK! A total of about 12 ticks!

Vinnie went into the other shower. I followed him in to do a TICK CHECK…..we had NONE!

The girls went in to shower and picked at least 8 off of each other!

It was disgusting! We had seen at least 2 beavers each, over 20 ticks total, and two FOUND CHILDREN!! Oh my….what a first that was!!

Losing the girls who took a walk in the woods was unintentional. Collecting ticks along the way was unintentional. BUT  we intentionally searched and used our skills to find those girls  and we intentionally announced random “TICK CHECKS” for the rest of the night.

We were so relieved that it ended without the police being called and HOPEFULLY without Lyme’s Disease! AND we were extra relieved to see a few beavers along the way and able to sip our cocktails the rest of the night with a few laughs and a great story to tell!



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