Sunday, June 4, 2017 – Hi-Glo Retro

I did something new, intentionally, last Sunday. We intentionally did it to support a wonderful young filmmaker from Norwalk, ALEX MORSANUTTO. We also did it to be intentionally selfish!

Back in 2015, Alex had used our home for scenes in his movie, Hi-GLo Retro! It is a 14 minute movie about  an anxiety ridden teenager dealing with his insecurities around going to a high school dance. The film was being shown at the Greenwich International Film Festival. Vinnie, Stephanie and Melissa and I all went to see it, enjoy it, and take a bit of pride and excitement about seeing our dining room and bathroom scenes. But, we also went also to support Alex, our local filmmaker, and see his finished product!

As I sat there with my daughters and watching Alex sitting right in front of us, I was struck with how proud I am of so many young people from Norwalk. I have my 4 kids, and 11 nieces and nephews, and through family and friend connections, I have so many other young adults in my life who are hovering around the  ages of 19 – 32. Each one of them, although they  have had their own challenges, have risen above the temptations of life and are pursuing their own big dreams. I have been blessed to witness them on their journeys to success.

As a career choice, I took a very safe path in education and it has served me well, However, if I were to relive my path, perhaps I would have been an author or an entrepreneur of some type. But, as I observe this next generation, very few have taken the “safe route”. Their choices have been very different from mine and now they inspire me!

I have a Beachbody coach, an artist, a musician, and a news photographer/editor. By extension, I have restaurant employees, a child care provider, a mechanic, a family business employee, an upholsterer, a plumber, a guidance counselor, and technology experts. I don’t know which interaction, what words or experiences occurred that set each of these individuals on to their own paths, but I find it fascinating to watch them set goals, define who they are, hit a few bumps and redefine their goals again. Each in his/her own right, has become a resilient person with big dreams and they are not afraid to reach out and take steps in a new direction.

So, as we sat there enjoying a laugh with the main character knowing fully that the man sitting in front of us created him, directed him in our home, and then chose which scenes would have the biggest impact on his audience, my heart swelled. We cheered for this insecure teenager as the final make-out scene drew to the conclusion. We wanted him to “win” and he did. This character became our instant hero!

It wasn’t lost on me that Alex, our young filmmaker, may have been supported and loved and cheered on, himself, by some of the same teachers, coaches, friends or neighbors who supported and loved my own kids as they were all growing up in Norwalk!

I am learning that when you live intentionally, you go to film festivals, you watch your familiar home in a new scene with strangers sitting in your chairs, and you can’t ignore that you sense that deep pride and love for so many young people. We may have been at that film festival to cheer on someone else’s child, but I ultimately left fully aware that the children I know and love well have the same potential to succeed on their own life’s journey, as Alex, our filmmaker does.

I pray that each one of them , including Alex, always dreams big for themselves!

Great job, Alex!! We are all cheering you on!



3 thoughts on “SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2017 – HI-GLO RETRO

  1. Debi, I loved your article. I am also proud to see the young adults around me fulfill their dreams. I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for your support and kindness towards Alex. He really appreciates everything that you and your family has done for him.



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